Put yourself first to be the best for your kids with this unique self-care exercise and relaxation program in just a few minutes a day!

Are you a busy mom

who is constantly juggling between kids, work, family, and other responsibilities? Do you often feel stressed out and overwhelmed, and wish you had a way to relax and unwind?

I know I am! Especially with a 5 and 8 year old super-active kids!

But enjoying the best years of motherhood should not be stressful!

✅ You should feel rested, energized, fit and strong

✅ You shouldn't feel overwhelmed

✅ You should be able to balance between parenting and take "me-time"

After all, these are the best years as a mother, agree?!

Stress is a PROBLEM!

Everyone already knows the impacts that stress can have on an individual. Add to that, all of the responsibilities of busy moms including parental challenges such as managing a household, children behavioral issues, family dynamics or even finding time due to a full time job!

So what can these PROBLEMS create in your life?

  • Physical health problems: Chronic stress can lead to physical health problems such as headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

  • Gain Weight: Stress can lead to weight gain through multiple factors. Cortisol, a hormone that is released during stress, may increase your appetite and make you crave unhealthy foods. Additionally, stress can disrupt your sleep patterns, affecting your metabolism and ultimately causing weight gain.

  • Mental health problems: Mothers experiencing stress may also be at risk for developing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or burnout.

  • Strained relationships: Chronic stress can also lead to strained relationships with family members, friends, and even co-workers.

  • Difficulty parenting: Mothers experiencing stress may find it difficult to provide the emotional support and attention their children need, leading to potential behavior issues or relationship problems.

  • Negative impact on work: Stress can also negatively impact work performance and job satisfaction, leading to potential financial strain and career setbacks.

  • Decreased quality of life: Overall, stress can lead to a decreased quality of life, with mothers feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to enjoy the things they once did.

But what else causes STRESS?

Mothers with children can experience stress due to a range of factors, including

Lack of support: Mothers may feel like they are solely responsible for the care and well-being of their children without adequate support from family, friends, or their community.

Financial pressure: The financial strain of raising a family, especially if there is only one income or unexpected expenses arise, can be a significant source of stress for mothers.

Time management: Mothers are often tasked with managing multiple responsibilities, such as caring for their children, managing a household, and potentially working outside of the home, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Personal stressors: Mothers may also experience stress due to personal stressors such as relationship issues, health problems, or other life challenges that impact their ability to parent and care for their children.

Stretching for Health is a program designed...

...specifically to help moms like you manage stress and find inner peace. With a combination of gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation techniques, this program will help you release tension, improve your flexibility, and promote overall relaxation.

What makes this program unique is that it is tailored specifically for mothers. We understand that being a mom is a full-time job, and that your time and energy are limited. That's why this program is designed to be convenient, low-impact and easy to follow, with exercises that can be done at home or on-the-go, and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Our program is also backed by science. Studies have shown that regular stretching and relaxation exercises can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and promote overall well-being. By incorporating our program into your daily routine, you can experience these benefits for yourself.

As a mom of three young kids, finding time for self-care can be a challenge. But with this program, I can take a few minutes for myself each day and feel the benefits all day long. I feel more energized, focused, and calm, even in the midst of the chaos!

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Sarah M

Busy mom

Benefits of Stretching For Health

Using this program just a few minutes a day:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stretching and relaxation exercises can help to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation

Improves flexibility and range of motion

Regular stretching can improve flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall physical performance

Enhances circulation

Stretching and relaxation exercises can help to improve blood flow and circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs

Reduces muscle tension and soreness

Stretching and relaxation exercises can help to reduce muscle tension and soreness, promoting faster recovery after exercise and improving overall comfort

Improves Posture

Regular stretching can help to improve posture, reducing the risk of back pain and other musculoskeletal issues

Enhances mood

Stretching and relaxation exercises can release endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, which can improve mood and promote a sense of well-being

What's Included 

You will receive immediate access to 80+ minutes of content including:

✅ Stream On-Demand

Anytime, anywhere access to videos from your computer, phone or tablet,  whether you are at home, traveling or even in the office.

✅ Video 1: Relax and Stretch (13 min)

Release tension from the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Build a strong back by strengthening the core

VIDEO 2: Strengthening & Stretching for a Healthy Posture (12 min)

We target chest, shoulders and neck. Special focus on healthy range of motion of the joints to keep them young and healthy!

VIDEO 3: Guided Meditation with Stretching for Positive Energy (14 MIN)

Release Tension and Stress from your body and mind with these easy, relaxing stretches that focus on your pelvis and lower back

VIDEO 4: Deep Stretch and Guided Flow (25 MIN)

This is a unique slow routine designed to stretch & strengthen your entire body. You will find this routine challenging as well as engaging!

✅ BONUS VIDEO: Hip-Flexors Stretches (10 MIN)

Keep your joints young and healthy with this 10 min workout that focuses on stretches for the pelvis, hip adductors and hamstrings

Are you ready to start feeling more relaxed, centered, and at peace?

Click the "Get Access Now" button to get instant access to Stretching for Health. You deserve it!

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