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TANGOFLEX offers a number of unique collections that can be accesses individually without having to register for a recurring subscription. This is ideal for anyone interested in specific collection(s) without the need to have an all access membership.

Collections are a set of videos bundled together that target specifics topics.

As with everything in the TANGOFLEX program, all of the videos in the collection have a primary focus on learning and executing correct technique and strong focus on elegance, so no matter what collection you choose, you know that you will be working your body and lines to achieve elegance, presence and confidence both on and off the dance floor.


Collections specifically designed by women for women, who would like to learn, polish and/or improve their technique and embellishments. All collections have a strong focus on creating elegance on the dance floor, emphasizing correct technique, posture and movement to create confidence and presence both on and off the dance floor. You will also learn about little secrets and tips that will make you stand out!


A large number of collections that focus on flexibility, balance, strength and cardio, ranging from 3 days to month long challenges.

The collections are aimed at increasing flexibility, strength, improving balance and posture, creating a greater range of motion, toning of the glutes and legs, strengthening your feet and ankles, and even getting the heart rate up and burning some calories; always with a strong focus on elegance, extensions and correct technique.

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What are people saying

“It’s like everything I wanted and needed in one place. I feel like I’m privately training with Victoria in my own home. I actually cancelled my gym membership. I was looking for a Yoga or a Pilates program to do at home, but they were too long and I would get bored. I found that Tangoflex is more dynamic and engaging. The music and the ambience is extremely pleasant and in just a couple of weeks, I'm more trim, toned, especially my legs! This program has it all”

<p>Joanna S.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Joanna S.


“I enjoyed every moment of the routines. You are such a graceful and beautiful dancer and I’m honored to have you as an inspiration and for me to see how much more I can learn. You help me feel the connection with my own body. I love this program”

<p>Kimberly H.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Kimberly H.


“I thought this program was going to be all about the feet, but it was all about the core, the intention, the energy and the reflection on the feet. Absolutely Awesome! Now I look at my feet and can’t believe they are mine! Love your vocabulary and explanations and how you communicate step by step to all levels.

<p>Jennifer B.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Jennifer B.


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Meet Victoria

Founder Of Tangoflex

I was born and raised in the busy and magical city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I developed the Tangoflex Method to share with you techniques form the world of gymnastics, fitness, ballet and Tango, all of which are an integral part of my life. I am a former gymnast, Flexibility and Fitness Specialist, Certified Trainer, Professional Tango Educator and Performer, with a life dedicated to studying and understanding body mechanics, fitness and technique with over two decades of professional experience. My obsession is teaching others how to become more elegant, more confident with their own movements and personalities in dance and life. 

Want the All Access Membership Instead?

Get access to all of the Guided Collections plus over 100+ individual videos, plus you can try it risk free for 7 days!

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A Glance @Tangoflex

Tangoflex is an entire fitness program designed for women to become more elegant, confident and graceful.

Taught by Victoria, a former competitive gymnast, professional tango dancer, master fitness instructor and trained in classical ballet, Tangoflex bringing the techniques of each discipline into one, comprehensive full body integrated program.

The real secret is in the combinations and transitions of exercises I teach you, that expose your body to specific sequences of movement and time, to create strong neuromuscular connection for long lasting results and increased performance.

TANGOFLEX will help transform your body and life.

interdisciplinary program

One stop studio for flexibility, strength, balance, cardio, prenatal and tango elegance, embellishment and technique workouts and collections.


Specifically for Tango Dancers, TANGOFLEX offers a large number of women's technique and embellishments videos with practice-together time. Learn the little secrets that make you look elegant, confident and a better dancer!

100+ Videos and growing...

​​For all ages and experience level, you’ll never be out of videos to choose from. Save your favorites, filter by time and category, or simply follow the pre-made Guided Collections.

elegance at the core

TANGOFLEX will help you develop your posture, long lean lines and extensions, tone your body, enhancing your elegance and confidence in every movement. You will notice that every video has a strong focus on elegance, proper technique and quality of movement to help you shape your body and life.