You don't have to be a dancer to look like one

Create the body of your dreams and feel alive again!

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Get leaner, longer, and stronger with the fitness program that’s replacing yoga, pilates, and barre.

Have you ever watched Dancing With The Stars and dreamed of possessing the grace and elegance - not to mention the legs - of those Tango dancers?!

Make those late night fantasies come true with the online workout program that’ll give you the long, lean lines of a Tango dancer and the flexibility of a gymnast.

P.S. Your new instructor has done both professionally.

Solving problems other workout programs are ignoring

Can you relate?

❌I’ve tried workout programs in the past but they end up hurting instead of helping

❌I get bulky when I workout when all I want is long, lean muscles

❌I get bored doing the same workouts everyday

❌I can’t do normal workouts because of back pain

❌My joints ache when I stand, let alone exercise!

❌I want a program that will help me change my lifestyle and my body

Sound familiar?

This program was designed to combat all these exercise hurdles and more! All developed from first-hand experience with a neuromuscular approach, backed by fitness expertise.

Get a FULL YEAR for $27 a month (reg. $37/mo)

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Have You Been Doing Something Wrong?

Do you feel like most workout programs are missing something? Barre is great for getting toned, pilates is amazing for strength training, and yoga helps with flexibility and balance. But what happens when you leave the mat?

Do you still hunch over your computer?
Are you still struggling with back pain?
Are you muscles growing but not elongating?

It’s not you. It’s your workout program.

Get lean muscles and beautiful lines, all while strengthening and stretching for better movement and flexibility.

Leave your basic yoga, pilates, and barre classes behind with a spicy combination of tango and toning exercises taught by tango-professional and master fitness trainer, Victoria Sarquisse.

Straight from the vibrant dance floors of Buenos Aires to her very own Tampa Tango Studio and now to your living room, Victoria will reignite your workouts with her easy-to-follow Tangoflex method. A dynamic and engaging combination of flexibility, balance, strength, and cardio Tangoflex will give you the confidence - and the legs - to Tango from the living room floor to the dance floor!

Not a dancer? No problem!

The Tangoflex method is more than a dance enhancement, it’s a life enhancement. Say goodbye to nagging back pain and sore muscles. Enjoy the elegance of movement you’ve always thought was beyond your reach.

Strength, stability, and flexibility are for everyone. It’s time to get comfortable in your body again!

Victoria’s one-of-a-kind method will help you stand straighter, feel taller, and become more engaged with your body so you can move with elegance, grace and refinement - yes, you!

Our favorite part? Those long, lean body lines!

Is it Tango or is it a workout?

Tangoflex is a highly-targeted approach to fitness that combines the foundations of Tango dancing with the strength and flexibility of gymnastics. This means you’ll get the strength of a gymnast and the movement of a Tango dancer - not to mention the confidence!

And guess what? You don’t need any Tango experience to look like you live on the dance floor!

elegance at the core

TANGOFLEX will help you develop your posture, long lean lines and extensions, tone your body, enhancing your elegance and confidence in every movement

Set Your Body Free With Tangoflex

Feel the lines of your legs, arms and core elongate with every exercise and gain control of your motion and posture as your ligaments stretch and release.

Create long, lean muscles

Improve your posture

Boost your elegance and confidence

Increase your flexibility and range of motion

Reduce or eliminate pain

Improve your balance

Learn a little Tango technique along the way!

Feel alive in your body

Access to Over 300+ Videos
Access to Over 300+ Videos
This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly
New Videos Added Every Month
New Videos Added Every Month

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Goal Based Workout Collections
Goal Based Workout Collections

Access all guided collections, from 3 days "hip openers" to 30-day summer workout

<p>Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Cardio Exercises</p>

Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Cardio Exercises

Workouts and routines that work every part of your body and from all angles

<p><span style="color: #000000;" >Tango Technique &amp; Embellishment Videos</span></p>

Tango Technique & Embellishment Videos

Improve your Tango technique and embellishments with these videos

<p>24/7 Access Anytime / Anywhere</p>

24/7 Access Anytime / Anywhere

Access videos on your own time, anytime

What are people saying
What are people saying

"...victoria has rekindled "my inner dancer" with her elegant, professional and joyful workout series"

Transform Your Body and Your Life

TANGOFLEX offers over 300+ videos including Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Cardio, Prenatal, Tango Embellishments & Technique, Guided Collections and more... all focusing on helping you train like a dancer, increase flexibility, improve balance, reduce lower back pain and injuries, bringing elegance and confidence to your body and self.

For Any Level, Any Body Type and Any Age!

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“I learned so much more than embellishments with this program. I learned about how to create energy, I learned how to initiate movement, I learned about self confidence and elegance. And I also learned how to move sexier with my body and my feet. And for that I can’t thank you enough. I liked every explanation you gave by showing every angle while breaking down the move and how everything was relatable to the dance. Thank you and love you!”

<p>Alice H.</p>,

Alice H.


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“It’s like everything I wanted and needed in one place. I feel like I’m privately training with Victoria in my own home. I actually cancelled my gym membership. I was looking for a Yoga or a Pilates program to do at home, but they were too long and I would get bored. I found that Tangoflex is more dynamic and engaging. The music and the ambience is extremely pleasant and in just a couple of weeks, I'm more trim, toned, especially my legs! This program has it all”

<p>Joanna S.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Joanna S.


“I enjoyed every moment of the routines. You are such a graceful and beautiful dancer and I’m honored to have you as an inspiration and for me to see how much more I can learn. You help me feel the connection with my own body. I love this program”

<p>Kimberly H.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Kimberly H.


“I thought this program was going to be all about the feet, but it was all about the core, the intention, the energy and the reflection on the feet. Absolutely Awesome! Now I look at my feet and can’t believe they are mine! Love your vocabulary and explanations and how you communicate step by step to all levels.

<p>Jennifer B.</p>, <p>Tangoflexer</p>

Jennifer B.


Meet Victoria

Founder Of Tangoflex

Hello, I’m Victoria Sarquisse, founder of Tangoflex. I was born and raised in the busy and magical city of Buenos Aires, Argentina where I learned the beautiful arts of ballet, gymnastics, and tango.

At age of 15 my world was turned upside down when I suffered a back injury right in the middle of my gymnastics career. On top of the agonizing pain, I started rapidly gaining weight and losing flexibility.

After months of seeing doctors and therapists, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I started learning about mobility sequences and trying exercises for flexibility. And guess what? They were actually giving me relief!

I kept up this routine and was able to get back to training and competing. I couldn’t believe that I had found something that worked better than what doctors recommended!

Fast forward 10 years of extensive research and throw in a professional tango career -  and that’s how Tangoflex was born! This total-body program was developed using my 25 fitness certificates while also working alongside neurosurgeons. I’ve used this program to maintain my dancer physique - even through 2 pregnancies!

As a busy mom, business owner, and dancer, I know the importance of time and intention. I developed these workouts to help with everything from back pain to flexibility and creating long, beautiful lines and feeling more elegant in your body. 

While many workout programs focus on building muscle, I focus on toning and lengthening, with movements inspired by tango, gymnastics, and ballet.

Tangoflex is routed in elegance, incorporating graceful movements into your exercise and your everyday life.

My passion is teaching others how to become more confident with their own movements and personalities in dance and life, so I’ll be here for your every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tangoflex?

Tangoflex is a an entire fitness program designed for women to become more elegant, confident and graceful. The program focuses on the 3 pillars: Flexibility, Balance and Strength, providing a special focus on creating elegance to your body and life. In addition to the 3 main pillars, there are also cardio and tango technique and embellishment videos.

What's included in my membership?

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos of over 180+ videos that include flexibility, strength, balance, cardio, prenatal, and tango routines. You also get access to a large number of guided collections (group of videos to target a specific purpose)

Is payment secure?

Absolutely. We take security very seriously. We do not store any credit card information. Payments are processed by 3rd party payment services such as Stripe and PayPal.

Do I need any equipment such as a ballet barre?

No you don’t. Just use a chair or the kitchen counter and enjoy the class. You won’t need any other equipment. We only use our body weight and sometimes I make reference to use pillows for extra support.

I’ve never danced before, is Studio Tangoflex for me?

Yes, absolutely! Studio Tangoflex has videos for anyone who wants an exercise program that works the body as well as the mind, from absolute beginners to professional dancers. Our tango-inspired workouts help you feel strong, flexible and healthy even if you don’t have time to go to the gym. As a member, you’ll get access to fitness bundles that let you choose how, where and when you want to work out. Workouts range from 1 minute to 50 minutes, while most workout are between 10 to 12 minutes, so you can fit workouts into your busy day, at night in the kitchen or even at the office. (Your kitchen counter and your desk both double as a barre, did you know that?)

How are the exercises?

Tangoflex exercises are designed to elongate the body creating lean, long lines and full extensions and proper posture.  The exercises are precise low-impact movements.  Your muscles will be toned, shaped and the stretching will help to create the lines you desire.

I’m a professional dancer, is Studio Tangoflex for me?

Yes! Studio Tangoflex has videos on how to perfect steps and technique.  It has a lot of conditioning videos and workouts that will help with speed and inner power that we need as dancers. You’ll have no problem finding the right videos and bundles in the Studio Tangoflex.

What if I don't want to do have a recurring subscription?

TANGOFLEX offers a number of unique collections that can be accesses individually without having to register for a recurring subscription. This is ideal for anyone interested in specific collection(s) without the need to have an all access membership.

Collections are a set of videos bundled together that target specifics topics.

As with everything in the TANGOFLEX program, all of the videos in the collection have a primary focus on learning and executing correct technique and strong focus on elegance, so no matter what collection you choose, you know that you will be working your body and lines to achieve elegance, presence and confidence both on and off the dance floor.

I am having a baby, would Tangoflex for Mommies Pre-natal workout help me during this time?

Absolutely!   You will find specific moves and SAFE exercises specific for each trimester building Strength, Balance and Flexibility that will get you ready for delivery and for what comes after baby arrives.  I had two c-sections and I cannot recommend this more!

Tangoflex for Mommies was filmed in realtime throughout my first pregnancy.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused membership periods.